How do I make a reservation to view the venue? 

Give us a call at 208-989-0418!

Do you take reservations year-around? 

Yes! For warmer parts of the year, we have a commercial porta cooler. For the colder months, the barn is heated.

Are tables and/or chairs supplied? 

Yes! The venue includes 16, 4' round tables and 16 rectangle tables. It also includes 240 white chairs.

How many guests can Prairie's Edge accommodate? 

Our Permit allows up to 300 people.

Is Prairie's Edge only a wedding venue? 

No. We take reservations for private events and corporate events as well! However, during prime wedding season, Saturdays are reserved for weddings.

Does Prairie's Edge have restrooms?

Yes! We have Men's and Women's ADA compliant restrooms, and the Bridal Suite also has a separate restroom.

Am I responsible for my own event/wedding setup and takedown? 


When rented, how long do we have the venue? 

The venue is all yours from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. You can still be here past 10:00 pm for clean-up.

Can we use our own catering? 

Yes! And food trucks are welcome too.

Can we have alcohol/liquor? 

Yes, but your bartender or caterer will need to be licensed.

Can we have our rehearsal at the venue? 

Yes, you can schedule to have your rehearsal on-site. Friday and Saturday nights are reserved for events though.